Tower Shoots
- $250 per shooter—must be paid in full 10 days prior to shoot
- $300 day of shoot
- $1,000 for membership (5 shoots guaranteed)
Dates (all Saturdays, weather permitting, 20-shooter minimum)
- October 5, 2019 ( 10 spots reserved)
- November 2, 2019 (6 spots reserved)
- December 7, 2019 ( 5 spots reserved )
- January 4, 2020 ( 3 spots reserved)
- February 1, 2020 ( 5 spots reserved) 
- March 7, 2020 ( 2 spots reserved)
General Information
- 15 shooting stations will be circling the tower
 2 hunters per station
- 300 birds released during hunt
- Each shooter will start at an assigned station, then rotate clockwise to the next one when. signaled by the tower until all birds have been released
- Shooters may bring their own dog(s)
- Safety first
- NO DRINKING during the shoot
- Do not shoot at the tower
- Do not shoot unless doing so in a safe direction
- Do not shoot below eye level, ABSOLUTELY NO GROUND SHOOTING AT BIRDS
-Orange clothing recommend for shooters
-You should not leave your station for any reason until signaled to do so
-Leave dead birds at your station—someone will gather them for processing
- Gun should be unloaded when rotating
Items to bring (water and few sodas will be provided)
- Shotgun
- Ammo (6-10 boxes of #5 or #6 shot)
- Sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses
- Cooler with ice (to take home meat)

Retriever and Spaniel friends are invited to come work your dogs without charge (unless shooting). However, you must contact me prior to the event so we don’t have too many dogs at the event.

Jacob Huckabee
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